Lacey Roop is a nationally acclaimed spoken word artist and performs around the country and in Canada.  It was a pleasure to have Lacey as the first guest of the Visiting Artists program.


For over three hours, Lacey lead the residents in a discussion of poetry along with reciting some of her own poetry. Some of the topics covered were Magical Realism, Classical Poetry, and their relationship to Modern Slam Poetry.

Later on in the workshop, the residents were prompted to write some of their own poetry and share their poems. Finally, the seminar ended with a long Q’n’A.

This was an exciting workshop for the residents. Lacey had a wonderful way of connecting and getting the kids share and get involved. The session was totally engaging from beginning to end.

You can learn more about Lacey Roop on her website, or search for Lacey Roop on YouTube to see many of her videos.

Lacey Roop Video Clips From Presentation

More videos at Seth Walker’s YouTube channel: sethwalkerpoetry.

Lacey Roop At Fire Mountain