Greg Winters, C.N.C. provides nutritional consulting services based on natural health principles. His passion for nutrition and optimal health comes from his own direct experience in turning his own health around, which included a formal program of nutrition coursework. After leaving a long management career in hi-tech, this passion resulted in opening a practice dedicated to helping others in the areas of diet, nutrition, and lifestyle.

His highly personalized services focus in on the uniqueness of the individual and their desired health goals. Greg is focused on empowering others to reach their health goals through education, expert guidance, and on-going coaching. Greg’s 25+ years of leadership, change management, and people development skills combined with his detailed research in diet, nutrition, and lifestyle choices have allowed Greg to help many to be successful in reaching their own health improvement goals. Greg’s role at Fire Mountain is in regards to teaching cooking and nutrition life skills.

August and Marion have greatly assisted Fire Mountain in starting up and maintaining their own small scale garden which provides fresh organic produce. Being that a healthy organic diet is a key aspect of the Fire Mountain program, August and Marion’s efforts are greatly appreciated. When not volunteering at Fire Mountain, August and Marion operate Foodshed Productions which assists and educates their clients in the area of growing organic produce.

Foodshed is an adaptation of a 1929 agricultural concept called watershed.  It describes the movement of food from production to consumption.  In the global food system, foodsheds are defined by scale, from global to local foodsheds. Our objectives include the education of homeowners and residents to be self-reliant gardeners who have the capacity to bring an organic production onto their property.

Susan began volunteering with Fire Mountain in February 2012 after a friend sent her teenage girls to the teen residential treatment center.  Both girls were struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, cutting, suicide and codependency issues.  She was amazed and encouraged by their transformation and decided that she wanted to use her free time to support the owners of Fire Mountain and struggling teens.  She also has a dream of opening a girls home with Fire Mountain in the coming years.

In her past life, Susan worked as an air quality specialist in the energy industry.  She has over 15 years of project management experience which is beneficial to Fire Mountain in whatever role she is playing – whether it involves mentoring the teens, coordinating other volunteers, or participating in the advisory committee.