1. Video: I Exist

    Some kids have deep emotional wounds we cannot heal. We can, however, validate their experience. We need to let them know that we see them, hear them, agree with them and understand them. This way we let them know that they exist and are bing heard. https://youtu.be/zah_XpGPtis…Read More

  2. Video: If __ Then __

    When we have strong emotional reactions, it is because our core beliefs have been violated. Blaming others is not the answer. We need to take ownership of our feelings. My feelings are not your (the teen's) responsibility. This understanding creates space for growth and change. https://youtu.be/spZs…Read More

  3. Video: MVE Core Beliefs

    Look at it from their perspective. Imagine how they feel and let them talk. Try your best to listen and understand. https://youtu.be/ogpTu7XBdIg…Read More

  4. Video: White Red Black

    White, red and black are colors that are often found in fairy tales. They represent the world, self, and death (wisdom), as well as ways of being in the world. https://youtu.be/tHFaoq-Hhtg…Read More

  5. Video: Love And Logic: Try Not To Worry About It

    The words you use are important when it comes time for the consequences discussion. You want to relate what you are willing to do and not do based on the current situation. Hand the problem to the teen and have them own it. Don't worry about the problem. Let them own the problem and resolve it (or n…Read More

  6. Video: Love and Logic: Delay the Consequences

    If your boundaries are not firm, they are suggestions. As adults, when we set boundaries, we are supposed to mean it. If not we should not have set the boundary. Adults set loving boundaries in loving ways. Another important Love And Logic concept is to delay the consequences. Wait until the heat of…Read More

  7. Video: Single Focus VS Diffuse Awareness

    People tend to have either a single focus or a diffuse awareness when they do things and engage with their surroundings. Understanding which is dominant in your teen can help your relationship. https://youtu.be/WBx57VlmaVI…Read More

  8. Video: Avoid Power Struggles

    Parents have to give their teens choices to avoid a power struggle. It is important that parents are good with the choices offered because teens have a way of choosing the option least desirable if given the choice. https://youtu.be/BxKoTGR9xhE…Read More

  9. Video: Awareness Of How You’re Feeling

    It is important to assess the way you feel in any given situation. Ask yourself how you feel when engaging with your teen. Actions do not always have to be the same, but self care does. https://youtu.be/Mvy0Uwr-BdU…Read More

  10. Video: Raising Strong And Powerful Kids

    What does your self care look like? Where does your power come from? Kids model their behavior after us. When you take care of yourself, you show them how to take care of themselves. Show them what healthy self care looks like. https://youtu.be/DR_aHdEQB5U…Read More