1. Can Pot Reduce IQ in Kids?

    A recent Australian study finds that early Marijuana use (starting at 13) may actually rob your child of some of his or her intelligence. Some teens lost as many as 8 IQ points. What does 8 points actually mean and can kids recover those points? Read the article below... Marijuana is the world’s …Read More

  2. Driving While High. Is it a Big Deal?

    Is driving while under the influence of Marijuana dangerous? Colorado is trying to decide. Check out the article in the Denver Post which highlights opinions on both sides and what Colorado is doing about it. "The privilege of smoking marijuana should stop at the vehicle door," said the bill's spons…Read More

  3. Vacate the Space you Want Your Teen to Employ.

    Vacating the Space you Want your Teen to Employ. Two things cannot occupy the same space... and... nothing can exist in a vacuum. As parents we COULD look at all of the things we want our teens to care about and see who is actually occupying the space. If we take up all of the "Caring about Grades"…Read More

  4. How Marijuana Harms Youth

    How_Marijuana_Harms_Youth_Fact_Sheet If you are like most parents. you may feel some relief that your teen "just smokes pot".   It's a common sentiment fueled by the fact that, according to your teen, "EVERYONE does it".  Turns out, when it comes to the teen brain, the story may not be so innocent…Read More