1. Living In This Moment

    A Message To Young Warriors In the "battle" or the "test" (life) you must be in the moment. You cannot concern yourself with anything but what is happening right now. We tease the kids at Warrior Camp that when someone is swinging a sword at you, what you are going to do later really doesn't matter.…Read More

  2. What Is Warrior Camp?

    What Is Warrior Camp? Many parents call and ask about our Warrior Camp. Warrior camp is about showing kids how to live fully in the moment, live with courage and compassion. In the video below Aaron talks about what it means to be a warrior. In the background you will see some of the activities that…Read More

  3. At Risk Teens, The CT Tragedy, Parenting, and more…

    Shootings, mental illness, parenting methods, absent fathers... Can we actually avoid this ever happening again? Will changing gun laws change anything? Where have we failed our children, our communities and each other? What could we do? I was interviewed on Freedomizer Radio with hosts Proof Negati…Read More

  4. Tough Questions, Straight Answers: Do Teens Lie About Drugs?

    Parents call my office everyday asking for support, advice, and help with their teens. In this video series, I answer tough questions from parents about raising teens.  Watch the video  to hear about a popular lie your teen may (or may have already) tried on you. Click here Please email your p…Read More

  5. Got Dreams? Why “Extracurricular Activities” Matter for Teens

    What does your teen, niece, grandson do for fun? What are her dreams, passions and interests. So many kids today either don't know or don't remember what they love to do outside of school. Given the budget cuts for art, gym and music nationwide, parent and supporting adults' involvement in discoveri…Read More

  6. Can Pot Reduce IQ in Kids?

    A recent Australian study finds that early Marijuana use (starting at 13) may actually rob your child of some of his or her intelligence. Some teens lost as many as 8 IQ points. What does 8 points actually mean and can kids recover those points? Read the article below... Marijuana is the world’s …Read More

  7. Driving While High. Is it a Big Deal?

    Is driving while under the influence of Marijuana dangerous? Colorado is trying to decide. Check out the article in the Denver Post which highlights opinions on both sides and what Colorado is doing about it. "The privilege of smoking marijuana should stop at the vehicle door," said the bill's spons…Read More