Now my life isn’t just getting high and eating captain crunch anymore, I have purpose.

Before coming to Fire Mountain a lot of my issues were from my family and stuff that was going home.  There was a lot of changes going on and transitions in my life that caused me to have a lot of stress.  I started to use a lot, smoking marijuana and then I escalated and got into harder stuff like hallucinogens. I was trying to get away from everything and using drugs as an escape.

Initially I was very tense about coming to treatment but Aaron, the owner and director, said that he could see a sense a sense of relief on my face and that now that I was here I could get away from my stresses and clear my head and figure out what I was doing while I was there.  I blended in quickly with everyone at the facility and was able to become more close to the group and integrate quickly.  I just felt comfortable. What I liked about the house was that you could go up to a staff member or anyone and tell them that something is going wrong and that you need to talk and they would take the time to go through it with you, whether it is something small or something big.  They would help me to identify my triggers and support me in my recovery, and I really appreciated that.

After I left Fire Mountain I think the biggest issue that happened was there was something between me and my parents and when I had my first argument about me doing the dishes that turned into a bigger thing and I ended up calling my therapist from Fire Mountain and looked for some support and she was able to provide that for me.  We talked about things and figured out my part in the argument.  I changed so much while I was at Fire Mountain and I expected the world to change too but once I figured out that wasn’t the case I was able to adapt and apply my newly acquired skills from Fire Mountain to real world situations. I started getting better grades and became much more passionate about school. I felt a huge relief and I was pretty proud of myself too.  Life is a lot more manageable and I know what I’m doing right now.  Now my life isn’t just getting high and eating captain crunch anymore, I have purpose.