Fire Mountain Programs is grateful for the opportunity to serve our clients.

We love hearing success stories!


“Fire Mountain is an amazing treatment facility.
And saved my life!!!!”

~Gabe Smith

“Fire mountain is my home in my heart. Huey and everyone who works there became my mothers, my brothers, my fathers, and my sisters. As of now I’m three years clean and they’re 100% the reason I know how to stay clean now. I truly love this place, and mostnfaus wish I could go home. If your child’s struggling, make sure this is where they go!”

~Gloria Torres

“I did not finish the program through all the way because the timing that I went there just wasn’t right for me because of my age. But what I do have to say is in the time that I was at fire mountain something was changed inside me so that I have now become somebody else.
Fire mountain saved my life.”

~Kole Cohen

“This place saved my life, and I know it will continue to saves the lives of many other teens. I am forever grateful of the team of people there for me. Thank you guys” 

~Mikah Bean

“Fire Mountain is an incredible place! The facility is gorgeous and spotless. The surroundings are breathtaking. The staff are truly caring individuals!”

~Goldberry Sage