When you call to discuss sending your teen to Fire Mountain, you’re primary concern is treatment and getting your kid back. We know that a close second is he or she falling behind in school. Education is an important issue all parents and teens. We offer a school program, including education credits, so teens can continue with education while focusing on getting their lives back and learning new coping skills. The Fire Mountain treatment program includes official classroom credits reflected on an official transcript and course certificates.

Basic Requirements for Education Credits

The Fire Mountain treatment program is based on an initial 120 day treatment plan. Structured school is a part of the program and classes are conducted Monday through Friday. Just like normal school, receiving credit is based on attendance and hours completed. If your teens stays the four months and graduates from the program, then they will get full credit for the courses they have completed.

Education Credits- Courses Offered

Teens have the opportunity to complete up to 3.5 education credit hours of work over a minimum 4 month period as follows:

    • English: The Hero’s Journey – .5 credit
    • Life Skills – 1.0 credit
    • Physical Education – 1.0 credit
    • Outdoor Leadership – 1.0 credit

Total possible credits = 3.5

  • We are currently undergoing our own school accreditation with AdvancED.

Additional Certificates

  • Art Certificate:
  • Commercial Kitchen and Culinary – Certificate for 120 hours
  • Art – Certificate for 60 hours
  • Psychology – Certificate for 60 hours
  • Horticulture – Certificate for 60 hours

Note: Certificates may be converted to credit by your teen’s school. We will provide a report for you or your school’s counselor.

Working With Your Teen’s School

We can provide your child’s school a copy of the transcript and certificates they will receive if the successfully complete the coursework and the program upon request. We are available to talk with your child’s school counselor or administrator if he or she has any questions.

For More Information

For more information, please call 303-443-3343, or set up an online chat.