1. Video: The Changes Stuck

    In this video a parent describes how the changes his teen experienced at Fire Mountain helped him and his family. Lasting changes are possible. https://youtu.be/zUmY7C2tfc0…Read More

  2. Torrey And Joe

    Throughout history, horses and people have been forming special bonds. Some are made famous in movies like Hidalgo, but most happen anonymously where people and horses live together. A hundred years ago, this was just about everywhere, but now people mostly interact with horses on farms and ranches.…Read More

  3. Scared Straight No Longer Recommended

    The Justice Department no longer recommends Scared Straight and similar styled programs. This has been true for quite some time now. Using fear and intimidation to change teen behavior does not work, but there are still plenty of similar programs operating in communities around the country using sim…Read More

  4. Visiting Artist: Jeff Campbell

    Jeff Campbell is a performance artist focused on hip-hop. As a performer, he released four studio albums under the stage name Apostle. He has toured the U.S. and Canada, and was first published as an artist in 1994. In 1997, Jeff founded and directed the non-profit organization Colorado Hip Hop Coal…Read More

  5. Visiting Artist: Kevin Sandbloom

    Kevin Sandbloom songwriter and musician visited fire mountain to lead a music writing workshop where, by using a "loop station", he was able to teach the residents how to compose full songs using instruments, random objects from around the house and their own voices.  The entire house rocked for a …Read More

  6. Going Down A Troubled Path

    Teens are known for risky behavior and getting into trouble. Some of this is normal rebellion and testing limits and boundaries. Sometimes, however, the limit-testing and boundary-pushing can go too far, and kids find themselves in situations and lifestyles that aren't what they intended. All of a s…Read More

  7. Do teens that cut have to go to a treatment center?

    Not necessarily. Cutting, like many other teen behavioral problems, does not necessarily require a treatment center. Cutting is a problem that has different degrees of seriousness. The action you take to help your teen overcome the need to cut depends on the severity of the problem. Below is a brief…Read More

  8. Teen Anger Problems

    The Wrong Teen Mythology Leads To Poor Parenting Decisions Many people assume that teens have a unique predisposition to anger problems because of their unique "teen brain." However, this is not the case (see link at bottom of post). Popular culture has promoted the idea of the unique teen brain bas…Read More

  9. Horses Are Magical

    Equine Learning At Fire Mountain Horses are unique in their ability to read people on an emotional level. They interact in ways that challenge people to come to terms with deep personal issues. Those two abilities allow horses to be amazing assets in a therapeutic environment. At Fire Mountain each …Read More

  10. Internet Gaming Dependency

    Addiction is defined as an excessive or compulsive use of a substance or activity that interferers with ordinary life responsibilities of work, family, health, and social relations. We all understand addiction as it is related to drugs and alcohol. But addition extends to may other activities. One a…Read More