1. Good Read -> Gut-Brain-Axis And Mood

    Below is a link to an article on the relationship between our moods and the bacteria in our guts. It is a good read and points to the complex relationships that exist between body and mind. If you want to read related articles take a look at our Healthy Nutrition article category. How Your Gut Affec…Read More

  2. Informative Digestive Health Interview

    Our understanding of the human body and disease has increased over the years. Yet medical practice lags behind. This video interview is important to anyone dealing with mental health issues. Lot's of very good and very important information. The field of mental health has been focused on the chemica…Read More

  3. Artificial Products Pose Dangers

    Two artificial alternatives to what nature provides have recently come up in the news. Not because of their benefits, but because of their potential dangers: artificial sweeteners and artificial turf. Recent events and new studies indicate that artificial sweeteners and artificial turf may be causin…Read More

  4. Organc Food Less Toxic And More Antioxidants

    A recent study by Newcastle University shows that organic foods have a much lower toxicity of heavy metal than non-organic foods. Organic foods also have an increase in the intake of antioxidants. There has been a lot of debate over the merits of eating organic food instead of conventionally produce…Read More

  5. Gut Bacteria and Mental Health

    The mind-body connection is important to living a healthy productive life.  Treating the whole person involves creating a diet that promotes healing and positive change. At Fire Mountain, organic foods, nutrition, and probiotics are a part of a healthy nutrition program for our residents. A recent …Read More