Whether your teen is struggling with substance abuse, self harm, anger issues, low self esteem, anxiety, depression or more, our Troubled Teen Program in Colorado is designed to help them. We know that life can be difficult and we are determined to help those teens who need special attention and guidance. Check out the blogs below to learn exactly what we can do in order to assist your child and bring them to a happier place in their life.

  1. 4 Signs of Cocaine Abuse in Teens

    Teenagers are expected to experiment with bending the rules, especially in the later years. As teens begin to feel like “adults”, they crave freedom—but, sometimes, too much freedom can lead to bad choices and life-altering consequences.   Drug use, for instance, can become addictive and …Read More

  2. How to Get Your Resistant Teen To Engage in Treatment

    Have you already tried talking to your teenager about their substance abuse disorder? Were you met with distance, resistance, or outright defiance? Is your teen reluctant to identify their drug or alcohol use as an actual problem? We’re here to help. How to Get Your Teen to Consider Substance Abus…Read More

  3. When Do We Send Our Teen to Drug Rehab?

    It’s a tough call to make. You see your teen struggling with drug addiction and you want to do everything you can to make it better. But, as a parent, it’s hard to know what the next step is on the road to recovery. You might be asking yourself: what can we do at home? What are our options? And,…Read More

  4. How Can Wilderness Therapy Stop My Child From Being A Bully

    Why do some kids turn into bullies? Why do teens think violence, taunting, or hurtful words will fix their social problems. If you are worried that your child is severely bullying others, read on—we’ll explain how modern wilderness therapy at Fire Mountain can help stop your child from being a b…Read More

  5. How Can I Help My Teenager To Communicate With Me?

    Many of the parents we talk to at Fire Mountain Programs have a similar problem. They feel as though the communication between their teen and themselves is lacking. In some cases, there is no communication at all. Much of the time, when the parent finally does try to talk to their teenager, it is be…Read More

  6. 13 Reasons Why: Putting The Spotlight On Teenage Suicide

    A few months ago, the release of a Netflix Original series known as 13 Reasons Why was released, unleashing a world on controversy surrounding teen suicide. It is not unlikely that you have already heard about this in one way or another. The controversy stems from the thought that this show is glori…Read More

  7. What Is Cutting & Why Does It Happen?

    In the past few decades, the self harming act of cutting has become much more popular. While the intent of the self injury is not to commit suicide, the use of sharp objects like scissors, razor blades, pens, pins and more is now more popular than ever. This is often one of the worries we hear from …Read More

  8. How To Talk To Your Child About Teenage Drinking

    We were all teenagers once, and therefore we know that there will inevitably come a time when your teenager is introduced to alcohol. For many parents, the choice to make that introduction themselves is one that allows them to feel in control over how much and what sort of alcohol their teen will co…Read More

  9. 8 Everyday Habits For Maintaining Your Mental Health

    Our main concern at Fire Mountain Programs is helping teenagers to become responsible, healthy and self-sustaining human beings. It is our opinion that one of the most imperative parts of this process is getting the teenager to a place where they can successfully maintain their mental health. As a p…Read More

  10. Is Your Teen Troubled?

    Being a parent is not an easy job by any means. While you think it will have to get easier the longer you get to practice, this simply is not true. When children turn into teenagers, much of the time, the job of the parent becomes even more difficult. Don’t get us wrong, there will be days when ev…Read More