Warrior Phoenix Challenge

     A Rite of Passage Program for boys and girls 13-17

     2 dates TBA Summer 2013 Pike National Forest

We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.
-Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945)

How do I get through to my teenager?

We know what‘s right for our teens. We‘ve been there.
We remember the difficulties. We know that the choices we made at that age determined the course of our lives.
We love them because they are our children.
We see them becoming adults and we want to advise and help them to give them a head start or an advantage in life.

And it all comes at the time when we are the last people they want to listen to.

Sadly, “we joke now that the rites of teen passage are sex, drugs, and rock and roll.” -Cathie Helfand, MS MFT

Which “Joke” Will Determine YOUR Teenager‘s Transition Into Adulthood?

  • Video Game/Internet Addiction?
  • Reckless Driving? Shoplifting? Stealing?
  • Rebellion and Alienation from adults
  • Cigarettes, Drugs or Alcohol?
  • Promiscuous behavior or premature sex?
  • Or a Rites of Passage Program designed by a world-class team?

Imagine if someone created a Rite of Passage for you when you were a teen that validated you and prepared you to handle ANYTHING that came your way in the years to follow?

Imagine if you had a chance to practice making important decisions and face the consequences in a safe, supported environment? What if even when you failed, you were given a 2nd or even 3rd chance to try again? Imagine your teen finding this kind of inner power now!

Fire Mountain has created the most transformative experience a teen may ever go through. It‘s intense, awakening, fun, OUTDOORS, and designed to give teens what they seek:

  • Freedom
  • Connection
  • Self-reliance
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • The courage to take their place in the world
  • Our staff is made up of educators, mentors, and trainers with 47 years combined experience who are professionals in the areas of:

–Personal growth and development
–Teen health and sexuality
–Personal awareness and well-being
–Life mission and purpose fulfillment
–Teen group dynamics 

Your teen’s progress will amaze you!

The ceremony and ritual that is created at the Warrior Phoenix Challenge program is designed to invoke recognition by the teen that the outer child is now moving inward so that the young adult may emerge.

“This event is an explosion of clarity, a statement of purpose, a letting go of limitations, an acknowledgement of responsibility, a lesson of true power and the ultimate unforgettable vision of their true selves!”
-Aaron Huey, Owner Fire Mountain

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We follow the traditions of many ancient cultures that took the children from the homes for a predetermined amount of time so the child could train and receive gifts from elders in the community. Because it was done outside the home and away from the social dynamic of the immediate family, the young adults were able to push through to their truth and power faster with less reaction to their surroundings.

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