Why do some kids turn into bullies? Why do teens think violence, taunting, or hurtful words will fix their social problems. If you are worried that your child is severely bullying others, read on—we’ll explain how modern wilderness therapy at Fire Mountain can help stop your child from being a bully.

Why Do Children and Teens Bully Others?

Why do children and teens bully? Well, it’s really simple. Think about your own relationships—isn’t it easier to get mad or taunt someone else than it is to work things out and have a mature conversation? Many children and teens who bully don’t understand how to manage emotions or solve problems in constructive ways. Bullying is the easy way out and, sadly, some teens take it.

What Is Wilderness Therapy?

Wilderness Therapy is often prescribed to troubled teens in Colorado to help mold behaviors and foster accountability—and works well in the case of bullying. Being outdoors and one with nature allows the removal of distractions and the inability to employ avoidance strategies—like when your teen plays the blame game, saying it’s not me, it’s them.

In nature, your teen will have to examine and honestly evaluate their bullying behaviors. Nature does not play the blame game—and teens will learn to see themselves as the common denominator in situations where they may feel inclined to bully. Over time, as they gain new communication skills, develop increased confidence, and begin to self-reflect, students in a wilderness therapy program in Colorado may gain a new understanding of why their past behaviors were wrong and will work towards improving their future selves.

How Can Wilderness Therapy at Fire Mountain Help My Child?

Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere—and that’s what we aim for each and every one of our campers. While Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center is not a traditional wilderness program, we do spend a lot of time outdoors and pride ourselves on being an exclusive treatment environment for teens age 12 to 17. We offer secluded Colorado Wilderness Therapy to provide a space for your teen to explore themselves outside of their busy everyday lives. We take away the distractions of living in 2019 and allow them to enjoy the quiet, peaceful Colorado Rockies. Each camper is given time to self-reflect on their negative behavior and build character—and over time they begin to transform into more responsible, thoughtful, and confident teens.

Is Fire Mountain The Right Colorado Wilderness Therapy for Your Child?

Is Colorado Wilderness Therapy the right move for your child? And, is Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center the best facility? As a parent of a troubled teen (ages 12 to 17), we’re sure you have a lot of questions about your next move—we’re here to put your mind at ease and help you make the best decision for your family.

At Fire Mountain, our Colorado Wilderness Therapy program for children and teens offers:

  • The best evidence-based treatments available today
  • Staff the teens remember because they show they care every day, all day
  • A homey mountain lodge in a healing natural environment

Ready to enroll your child or teen in a Colorado Wilderness Therapy program? We are located near Estes Park, Colorado. However, we admit teens aged 12 to 17 from anywhere in the U.S. To learn more about insurance coverings, financing options, and how to register, contact us online today or give our team a call at (303) 443-3343. On the call, you will speak with an admissions counselor and complete a preliminary assessment to determine whether your teen is a good fit for the program.