“Mom, everyone is doing it,” your teen says, enthusiastically. However, teenagers who are exposed to alcohol at a young age are often unaware of the risks involved.


Binge drinking (aka having 5+ drinks in one sitting) can affect teenagers and college students in a multitude of ways. For individuals under 18, heavy drinking habits can greatly increase the risk of brain impairment. What can brain impairment lead to? Alcoholism, poor judgment, lower grades, anti-social behavior, and even mental illness to name a few.


Think your teenager is experiencing alcohol addiction? Have you noticed sneaky behavior or the smell of alcohol on their breath? We understand your concern and we want to help—here are 3 tips to assist you in helping your child quit drinking now.

3 Steps to Helping Your Teen Stop Drinking

1. Set aside time to talk.

As soon as you suspect your child may be drinking, set aside time to talk. Make sure they are alert—not intoxicated, high, distracted, or tired—before you ask them to speak with you. During this talk, make sure to stay calm. Ask productive questions about their drinking habits and don’t raise your voice. Teenagers have a tendency to shut down lines of communication with a parental figure if they feel judgment or animosity.

2. Establish boundaries.

Some kids drink because they are curious or just want to “have fun” with friends. This, while not ideal, can be normal teenage behavior. Peer pressure is real and parents must establish boundaries to ensure their child’s safety. Find out why your teen is drinking—if they drink to relieve stress, anxiety or depression, you may need to consult professional help.

3. Monitor behaviors.

Once you set boundaries, you’ll need to monitor behavior to tell if your child is at risk. Crackdown on unsupervised time and always stay aware of where your kids are, who they are with, and what they are doing. If you or your significant other drinks, make sure your alcohol, including any beer, is locked away somewhere safe. Regular monitoring can seem overwhelming for teens, but just remind them that you’re creating an alcohol-free social environment because you care.


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